Organic Seaweed cultivation in Brittany

Cultivating kelps on long lines: direct settlement

This simple and efficient technique is very much used in cultivating seaweeds for producing Saccharina latissima (Sugar Kelp). It can also be applied to other species such as Alaria or Wakame.

The video explains in 10 minutes the various steps for cultivating this type of kelp. Each step is commented by Jean-François and Magali Arbona, seaweed growers, and is illustrated with images taken in real situations, from hatchery to harvest.
A cycle of reproduction has been drawn and synchronised to match the real-life images and to follow the cultivation process step by step.

This video is deliberately recreational and instructional and can be used in aquaculture schools. We hope it helps you understanding the secret life of seaweeds and invites you to get further knowledge.