Online sales : Our seaweeds on Find natural seaweeds cultivated exclusively on the Brittany coast on our Since 1983, C-Weed Aquaculture favors the culture of seaweeds on sectors : seaweeds are generative of oxygen and participate in the increase of the vegetable and animal biodiversity.

C-Weed Aquaculture in Ouest-France Entreprises, corporate regional newspaper Read the article published in Ouest-France Entreprises about C-Weed Aquaculture: “The sea-based economy. Seaweed, a new branch from the sea. Today in Brittany, more than 80 companies make a living from the growing, harvesting and transformation of seaweed”.      

READ THE ARTICLE IN CHASSE MAREE ON C-WEED AQUACULTURE. “The promises of edible seaweed – rich in fibre, protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, oligo-elements (iodine), anti-oxidants and mineral salts (magnesium, potassium and calcium), these sea-based plants appear, and rightly so, as healthy food and a source of new flavours …”

Created in 1983, C-Weed Aquaculture grows, harvests and dries seaweed. Based in Saint-Malo, this family-owned company produces Breton seaweed exclusively for the food-processing and cosmetics industry. Discover the DNA of C-WEED in this video which shows the respectful approach towards Man and the Environment.