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With a strong know-how that the founder has been developing since 1983, C-Weed Aquaculture grows, harvests and dries seaweeds. In the C-Weed Aquaculture activity there is a respectful approach towards Man and the Environment.


Unique technical skills developed by two scientists to enhance seaweeds: natural sea-based resources.


It is off the coast of Saint-Malo, at a depth of around 10 metres that the sea accommodates the cultures of C-Weed Aquaculture. Different species of seaweed are produced with organic labelling in a deep-water concession: Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida), Sugar Kelp (Saccharina latissima), Atlantic wakame (Alaria esculenta).


C-Weed Aquaculture controls the entire culture cycles from the reproduction parameters of seaweeds to the sowing of cords to be transferred to the sea for swelling.


During this ‘swelling’ phase, the macro-seaweeds are grown offshore on deep-water concessions without fertilisers or any other inputs, conforming to an organic production method. The permanent immersion of the seaweeds allows for optimal growth. The seaweeds of C-Weed Aquaculture are exclusively produced on the French coastline, in Brittany. The seaweeds generate oxygen and participate in increasing plant and animal biodiversity.


Our seaweeds are not rinsed in freshwater. The drying of the seaweed is slow and progressive using the wind as much as possible. A refining process at a low temperature (30°C max) can be used to make sure that preservation is appropriate. This preservation technique of seaweeds keeps the best part of their original nutritional qualities.


C-Weed Aquaculture offers personalised studies for research and elaboration of in vitro, offshore or tank culture processes.


Rich in compounds and natural active principles, the seaweeds from C-Weed Aquaculture constitute an incredible source of innovation. For more than 20 years, innovation and the control of processes have been at the heart of the quality of our seaweeds and contribute to maintaining ingredients that are at the forefront of trends today.

First sea-based cultures

years of experience in algaculture

meters of offshore concessions


‘Growing seaweed for blue cosmetics’, certified by Pôle Mer Bretagne (Brittany Sea Pole). C-Weed Aquaculture is taking part in the development and adjustment of the processes concerning original and rigorously selected species. The seaweeds grown in this way will be used in the production of cosmetic extracts which are perfectly characterised by both efficiency and safety.  For more information on the AQUACTIFS project:  Click here

Led by the Biological Station in Roscoff (UPMC-CNRS), this project associates 18 partners, 5 of which are Breton-based companies, who are involved in the promotion and development of the aquaculture of seaweeds. For more information on the IDEALG project: Click here

Certified by Pole Mer Bretagne (Brittany Sea Pole) the objective of the RIV’AGE 2.0 project consists in developing new anti-wrinkle sea-based active ingredients which have antioxidant, moisturising, detoxifying, photoprotection and antimicrobial properties, and which will be of interest to the cosmetic and thalassotherapy markets. These sea-based active ingredients are made from seaweeds for which the cell colonies (spores, gametes, and/or zygotes) are feasible on an industrial scale. For more information on the RIV_AGE 2.0 project: Click here

The overall objective of the GENIALG project is to boost the European Blue Economy by designing high-yielding seaweed cultivation system : http://genialgproject.eu


C-Weed Aquaculture has a wide range of natural ingredients for your food products.


The organic certification of our products is assured by Bureau Veritas – FR BIO 10. In compliance with French regulations, we regularly carry out heavy metal and microbiological analyses using independent authorised laboratories.


C-Weed Aquaculture has a dried organic seaweed offer which is exclusively French-based. The gentle drying (30°c) and progressive process does not significantly alter the raw material: texture, taste and nutritional quality of the seaweeds is preserved.


C- Weed Aquaculture has a wide range of natural ingredients for your cosmetic products.


Our organic seaweeds are unique plant-based raw materials which offer a multitude of functional and nutritional properties.


Innovate in cosmetics with the seaweeds from C-Weed Aquaculture. Add a sea-based extract in the palette of active ingredients to create efficient cosmetic products.


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